Unwind and Renew!

The Tune Up
(usually the favorite!)
This includes foot reflexology; hand massage; and techniques to release tension at the back of the neck and upper back -- combined to relax and balance you from head to toe!

Usually 70% of the time is focused on foot reflexology --  with other bodywork modalities included as needed.

    Just take your shoes and socks off and you are ready!

Foot Reflexology
Reflexology brings deep relaxation and balance to your whole mind/body. When we are relaxed, our immune system functions better, our circulation improves, and we have a sense of well-being.  We have more than 7,000 nerve endings in each foot  -- they are constantly sending messages throughout our body. Feel the connection!

I offer a unique style of therapeutic massage that combines bodywork modalities that I have studied over the past 25 years - from traditional massage, to acupressure to craniosacral therapy.
The combination of techniques will help you
feemore energized and balanced.
You might even see the world in a different the stress slips away!

The pressure I use goes from very gentle to firm depending on the technique used.  I believe that at no time should the pressure be painful.

the creekside studio

25 Years Experience 

Graduate of the Baltimore School of Massage, 1992; Nationally Certified in Massage by the NCBTMB(National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork) Student of Michael Gach, Acupressure Institute 150 hour training 1991-1992 
Over 100 hours of training in Zero Balancing since 1991; 60 hours of training in workshops with Zero Balancing founder Fritz Smith  Nationally Certified in Foot Reflexology in 2009  Other course work and studies include CranioSacral Therapy-Level One; Lymph Drainage Therapy-Level One; Aromatherapy; Process Acupressure; Pathwork; Kundalini Yoga; Intergrating Reflexology and Five-Element Theory; Intuitive Reflexology; Meridian Massage 2015; 2016 workshops with Bill Flocco: Pain Control & Stress Reduction with Foot Hand Ear Reflexology; Advanced Ear Reflexology; 2017 Touchpoint Reflexology Workshop, Round About: Stress.
Volunteer at Newport Hospital 2006 to 2011: Trainer in hand massage for new Comfort Care volunteers; 
Massage Therapist @The Four Seasons Hotel,Washington, DC  1994-1996; The Hyatt @ Goat Island/Newport  2006-2008;
American Organization of Bodywork Therapies of Asia Associate Member since 1995. 
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